T-SHAPE WOOD – No Glue System

T-Shape-Wood – No glue system / Glassland

We provide the availability of 6 products, part of the T-SHAPE WOOD family, ready in stock, guaranteeing quality and re liability. These articles are available in two standard sizes and in three dierent colors: natural wood, brown and black which are adaptable to the two most common bottles mouth in the market. Assembly is made with NGS (No Glue System) technology, meaning that no glues are used and a perfect seal is ensured.


HEAD 29x13 - STEM 19,5x20 Minimum Order Quantity: 2.300 Box pieces
HEAD 34x14 - STEM 22,5x21,8
Minimum Order Quantity: 1.700 Box pieces

The maximum amounts of „Batch Box“,

9 boxes with 20.700 pieces of 29x13 mm
12 boxes with 20.400 pieces of 34x14mm

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